14 Best Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria – January 2019

This article shows you Different Way To Make Money Online. It is actually the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria.

We are currently in a digital world and everything is going digital, making money online is also digital.

In this jet age of ours – internet seems to be the only key that has unlocked most mystery.

People who were able to predict today’s internet has far back taken advantage of it. They are now reaping the profitable fruit they sow.

What can we do? The option we have is to join in harnessing the good fruit to get our part of the cake.

We can do this by embracing the internet and start making money from it.

As long as the number of internet users increases geometrically, there is no limit to what we can achieve in a short while.

How can you make money online with 1000 naira” this is what so many people are asking.

There are various ways we can make money online via the internet.

But first, you must understand that making money online is not a difficult task as many sees it.

Rather, it’s guided by various principles which must be adhered to before one can make big bucks from it.

On this article, we shall look at different types of web applications from which we can make unlimited income.

Soon, you will keep smiling to the bank, regardless of the economic condition.

I have also written a post previously on how to make money via facebook, you may want to read that too.



make money online

Are you a student – searching for how to make money online? Blogging will give you all the time you need to face your education and make money per time.

A blog is a place (website) where people, group of people, institutions or organisations express their opinions.

It can also be a place where people post information for their blog readers and other web users to see.

Some blogs also are in form of discussions, where the admin drop information about an issue and grants “comments” permissions.

The comments is to allow other people to share their views.

A standard blog should always focus on a particular niche.

In other words, there should be a specialization on the type of information to drop on the blog.

Lucrative Blog Niches in Nigeria

  • News and entertainment niche,
  • Technology niche,
  • Fashion and Lifestyle niche
  • Reality and Relationships.
  • Sports and football niche.

Can I Create a Blog for Free?

Of course, you can create a 100% free blog.

Regardless of that,  you will still be making money online in Nigeria without paying any money to start.

Blogger.com and WordPress.com are the top free blogging platform,there you will have a default URL extension like “mysite.blogspot.com” or “mysite.wordpress.com“.

You can also host your blog to get your preferred URL, with more customization and authorization.

Since this is about making money online, I will advice you host your blog to gain more flexibility.

Moreover, you can also start from a free blog and migrate with time.

How Can I Design a Blog?

Hundreds of blogging scripts and apps both free and paid are available. With WordPress, all you need is to get a reliable hosting.

About 77% of active blogs in Nigeria runs on WordPress.org platform and 19% runs on Blogger.

The remaining 4% are either customized or runs on web applications like OpenBlog, EggBlog, FlatPress, Dotclear etc.

How Can I Make Money From Blogging?

There are several ways of making money from blogging. Before you think of making money you must first try to grow your traffic.

The amount of money you can make will highly depend on the average number of people that visits your blog.

The list below are various source of income to bloggers.


Discussion forum or message board is an online discussion site.

A place where people can hold conversations in the form of posting messages and replies.

Success in this kind of website is highly determined by the members contributions to discussions.

Hence, if your site users are well engaged in discussions on the forum, it will make the forum interesting enough.

Furthermore, it will even attract more members who will like to get involved in the discussion.

On a discussion forum, the admin (owner) maps out strategies on the dynamics of the forum.

In addition to that, he creates categories and sub-categories on the site.

The users (members) will be responsible for posts on different categories and sub-categories as a form of discussion.

Apart from creating categories, the admin can also can assign moderating roles to some members.

These members will be managing each category discussion as moderators.

Building traffic on a discussion forum can be quite difficult and frustrating at first.

Reason for this is because no one wants to join a discussion forum which has small members.

If you succeed with it count yourself lucky. You will only have little job to do, while your members will do the rest jobs.

To drive huge traffic to your forum you will have to make use of social media to invite people to your forum.

This will be easy for those who already has lots of follower and are active on different social media platforms.

The leading discussion forums in Nigeria is Nairaland.

How to Develop a Discussion Forum

There are several free open source web applications that can be used to develop a discussion forum.

Applications like; phpBB, Simple Machine Forum (used by Nairaland), bbPress and Vanilla are perfect for easy development of discussion forum.

With these applications, you don’t need any programming or coding knowledge.

Make naira online from a forum site can be via; AdSense, Direct Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Discussion.


A social Network is an online platform used by people to build a kind of network or social relationship.

Relationship with other people who shares similar or personal interests or even real-life connections with them.

Just like Facebook, Twitter, Naijapals and other social interaction sites you can also be a proud owner of a social network.

Every social networks are members oriented.

Just figure out a method to attract members, then your social network site will be the talk of the town.

You can pay a web developer to develop your own social network based on your customization.

On the other hand, you can save more by using web scripts like; Dolphin, pH7CMS, Oxwall, or Elgg.


If you are searching  for online business that pays then consider owning a classified site.

A classified site is a business marketplace where users sell or advertise their products and services.

On the other way round, users who are looking for the same products or services will be alerted.

All product advertisements are in form of posts and should require approval to avoid spamming.

A big challenge you will have owning a classified site is spam issues from members and fraudsters.

As a result of this, you may have to approve each post individually with full scrutiny.

This may give you a bulky job to do. Although, you will also consider employing people to assist you once your classified business starts growing bigger.

This type of site is still rocking very high in Nigeria and still has lots of potential in it.

Web apps like OSClass and Yclas are perfect for easy development of a classified website.

Most admired classified sites in Nigeria are OLX and Efritin.com.

Make good money from a classified website on different avenues ranging from; Featured posts, AdSense, Direct Advertising and Member’s Permission.


Online Store is one of the online business in Nigeria that pays very well.

An online store or an eCommerce business that allows the buying of goods online.

This web platform allows users to make purchase via online payment or delivery payment.

You mustn’t own a warehouse of goods to own an online store. All you need to do is to advertise for certain producers or marketers and get commission on sales.

Alternatively, buy goods in wholesale and sell in unit on your online store.

You must not sell lots of products the way the big online stores do.

Simply focus on a particular product such as;  Wines, Underwear, Cosmetics etc.  Then with time you may expand you store with more products.

What matters most in an online store is trust. Your customers must trust you especially in pricing and quality of goods you sell to them.

Build the trust to make them keep patronizing you.

How to Build an Online Store

Most online stores in Nigeria are built with an open source web application called Magento, other web applications like AbanteCart, OpenCart, and PrestaShop can also be use to build an outstanding Online store.

To built your own online store, all you need to do is to get a hosting plan the has the Softaculous app installer. 

Once that is done, login to your control panel and select the app you want to install, everything with be done automatically for you including the database.

Although, some of these open source eCommerce app has premium versions – which you can migrate to with time depending on your budget.

By the way, it is not advisable to put AdSense script or use any other type of monetization on your online store.

Your income should come from sales you made on your online store or via Dropshipping.

Most regular Online stores in Nigeria are Jumia and Konga (built with magento). They make good money online.


easy money online

Online directory  is a kind of website which lists contact information of various types of business.

Furthermore, the business should be arranged according to location and categories.

This type of web application is easy to start up. Although it can be so tedious and monotonous while filling the site with information.

On this type of web application business names, locations and contact information are added, deleted and edited from the admin(s) panel.

To get successful in an online directory business you must have a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Reason for this is because online directory sites are so boring that people don’t care to memorize the URL.

95% of traffic to this type of site is via the search engine which directs people seeking for information.

One good thing about online directory is that people don’t like investing in it. This means you will have less competitors to deal with.

The most rocking directory website in Nigeria is vconnect.com.

Owners a directory site and make money mainly from AdSense and Direct Advertising.


Generate money online

I got an email from a friend last week, he asked – what can I do to make money online in Nigeria and I suggested creating a job site.

Do you know that an average of about 4.3 million Nigerians search for jobs on daily basis?

If you can attract just 1% of 4.3 million online job seekers to your site, this means you will be smiling to the bank – having a whooping 430,000 daily visitors.

Why not help a good number of unemployed youths by creating this type of web application, and make good money in return.

You don’t have to be an employer to own this type of website.

A good job website has option where employers can register and post the jobs they have.

On the other hand, you can make research on available jobs which you will post on your site.

To build trust from job seekers you will have to do your possible best to make sure that only genuine jobs are posted on your website.

If fake or misleading jobs are always posted on your site it will scare away job seekers who don’t want to fall victim for fraudsters.

Pending on your requirements, you can develop a platform where employers can register and post available jobs.

In addition, employers can also have the ability to view details and CV of applicants who applied for the jobs they posted. Something similar to scouting.

You as the admin, your job will be to moderate listed jobs, making sure that they are genuine.

Also trying to get information about the reputations of those who registered as employers etc.

If you are good with WordPress you can customize a job site easily to your taste.

You can make serious cash owning a job site also through AdSense, Direct Advertising and Sponsored Job Post.

With your job site be ready to get famous just like Jobberman, Hotnigerianjob, Myjobmag and many others.


multiply money online

A Bulk SMS Websites is a kind of website where users will register and make payment or purchase credit from the site.

The credit the purchase will enable them to send bulk SMS to as many recipients they wish to at a cheap rate.

If you succeed in developing this kind of online business, count yourself lucky.

This type of site can be designed to run by it self. All you to do is monitor it to once a while to see how things are going.

Just like the online store AdSense or any other type of advertising is not advisable on bulk SMS website.

Else, direct advertising which will not link to another URL.

Make your profit from payments your users made.

XWireless.net, Bulksmsnigeria.net and SMSlive247.com are some of the leading bulk SMS website in Nigeria.


find money online in nigeria

Similar to Social Network, Dating Site has some special features.

The site mission is to connect people together for relationship purpose by all means.

Where people sees who they will love to date on your site, they will definitely register.

It is important to realize that what attracts most men to a dating site are beautiful ladies.

On the other hand, what attracts ladies are rich and handsome guys.

If you wish to start your dating site i will advice you buy amazing dating script here.

Most of their script comes with thousands of already registered members (more of women) with their real details.

Obviously, this will trigger people to easily register on your dating site.

Membership Upgrade is the best way to make money from owing a dating site.

Develop in such a way members will have to pay to upgrade their membership to get certain permission like; viewing other members full profile, sending unlimited messages to members, creating a profile gallery and so on.


Quick money online

Online listing is similar to an online directory and classified website.

In an online listing the admin and permitted users post physical product such as, landed properties, real estate, cars, accommodation and so on- which are available for sale or lease.

By so doing they link sellers and buyers and get commission from sales made.

They also get paid from featured listing.

Now imagine 10% commission for the sale of a property that worth 50 million!!!

Amazing right? You can also make good sum of money from premium listing.

Checkout Property24.com.ng, Lamudi.com.ng and Privateproperty.com.ng.

You may buy a developed Online Listing website script or develop it with WordPress.

You can also customize a Classified or Online Directory scripts if you already have one to suit the development of an online listing site.


online money

Owning a music site is one of my favourite in the list of online business in Nigeria.

To own this kind of site is quite easy, you can develop it in minutes with WordPress.

Just like Notjustok.com and many music sites that are developed with WordPress, although other open source web applications can be used.

By the way, the major problem you may encounter owning this type of site is copyright infringement.

Besides, if you know your way around copyright then get ready to smile to the bank.

A dedicated server or a virtual private server (VPS)  may best for a music upload and download site on a long run.

Although, you may start with a cheap shared hosting server with unlimited disk size and bandwidth – as your server will contain a bank of musics and videos.

Alternatively, you may register with a trusted cloud service where you will upload your music and videos and generate a URL.

Place the URL on your website for direct streaming and download.

Though the later option is not so good for search engine optimization.

Most interestingly, you can make your money here from Paid Download, AdSense, Direct Advertising and Paid Upload.


online booking

An online booking website is a platform which enable people to make an online booking for hotels, flight, cinemas, trains, football matches, events, rentals and so on.

This kind of website may cost much to develop as it require lots of integration in other different business while developing.

As a matter of fact, you can make money online owning an online booking mainly via Commission and Premium offers.

Wakanow.com is the biggest player operating an online booking in Nigeria.


online money blogging

Owning a search engine can fetch you good money.

If you choose to go for this option you will have lots of work ahead of you to promote your search engine.

Indeed you will have to give people reasons why they should use your search engine instead of great players like Google Search, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo Search and Ask.com.

You can create your own search engine with Google Custom Search but you will limited on customization.

Crawler Script is the most common script for building search engine.

If you already own an active AdSense account, you can place the code on your search engine.

Direct advertising and “preferential search links”in addition to AdSense  are also sources of income here.


online money from digital download

The last but not the least, the digital download website.

This site is similar to an online store, but while online store sells physical goods, a digital download site sell only digital product such as Software, Scripts, Projects and so an.

In reality, most people who gets involved in this type of website in Nigeria usually sell academic project, thesis and seminar.

If you have access to such digital good you may decide to sell them online or you may research for other digital product you feel will sell well.

If you decide to sell software you may face copyright infringement.

Selling of website scripts is also a good digital goods to sell online if you are a web developer.

To own a digital download site won’t really cost much with the help of WordPress.

You can develop this website with WordPress and integrate payment method such as PayPal or Quick Teller to enable the site run by itself while you get busy with other things.

What do You Need to Start an Online Business?

  • Understand the online business
  • An Internet Supported Device (preferably a laptop)
  • Internet Connection
  • A Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Patience and Dedication

READ MORE: What Is Needed to Start-Up An Online Business

How to Make Money From an Online Business

  • Google AdSense and Alternatives
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Sponsored Post
  • Background Takeover
  • Commission on Sales
  • Membership Upgrade
  • Dropshipping
  • Paid Uploads and Downloads

Why you Should Consider Going Into Online Business

  • To become the boss of yourself
  • To work from home or anywhere
  • Make money on per-time job
  • Make good income from it
  • Low start-up capital


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