How To Reveal Private Number and Hidden Number For Free

On this article we will teach you how to find out or reveal hidden or private number on incoming calls for free.

Hiding phone number is now so common. In one of our previous article we explain 3 methods to hide you phone number – so the call receiver won’t be able to view the phone number of the incoming call.

To hide you mobile number is as easy as adding #31# before dialing a number.

On the other hand, to unveil a hidden number is much more difficult. This is because everyone had a right to privacy as long as it does not impose danger on the other party.

Am sure that lots of people have contacted the mobile network customer service asking for a way to view private or hidden incoming call number. I have also done that once.

I don’t know what their reply was, but in 95% cases, they will tell you that it is not possible. Reason for this is because they have to protect their customer’s privacy.

We are all aware today that lots of criminals and kidnappers exist, and these people may want to hide their number if they want to contact people for ransom on kidnapped victim – or as the case may be. There are also lots of other life threatening ways people may be contacted with private hidden numbers.

How To Unveil Hidden Phone Number

1. Information from your network provider

The truth is that your mobile network provider has the capacity to reveal or detect all hidden numbers. But there must be a cogent reason before they may listen to you.

If the situation surrounding the hidden number is such that is life threatening or may cause a huge damage. You will have to contact high level security authority to handle the case.

With their help – your network provider will release the hidden number information to them. So they can carryout proper investigation on it. Customer’s privacy is important this is why they can’t release the information to a person.

Although, this has to do with your country telecommunication rules and regulations. This brings use to the second alternative.

2. USSD Code allowed by network providers

This should only work in a country where telecommunication regulations allows users to view information of hidden number. If allowed – there will be a USSD code provided, is likely to be *#30# see video below.

If supported, no incoming number will be hidden once you have sent the USSD code.

There had also be cases in some countries where they dial certain number or USSD code for the network to display the last private number that called.


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