How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google For Quick Indexing

How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google For Quick Indexing
(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

Learn How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google For Quick Indexing in Few Steps

A sitemap is an XML file which contain the URLs of all pages, posts and sometimes media of your blog. It is the sitemap that will helps crawlers to find individual URLs of your blog pages and posts faster. The sitemap also helps webpages to be indexed within a short period of time.

To generate sitemap for your site is no big deal. For a ordinary website there are lots of online sitemap generator to enable you generate a sitemap easily, such as ““. While for WordPress sites or blogs, plugins can easily be used to auto generate sitemap.

Just having a sitemap is not the solution for a good SEO practice, not until the sitemap had been submitted to the search engine.

On this post we shall learn how to submit our sitemap to Google, in other to ensure quick indexing of our blog post as well as building our blog SEO.

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How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google

1. Verify you blog or website on Google Console.
If you blog is verified move to the next step, else follow this link How To Verify Your Blog On Google Webmaster to verify your blog.

2. Go to and click on “Search Google

Index blog post

3. Click on the URL of the site you want to submit the sitemap

Index blog post

4. Your Google console dashboard homepage should look like the image below

Index blog post

5. On the left bar click on “Crawl” on the drop down and select “sitemap


6. The image below shows my sitemap. To add your sitemap click on “ADD/TEST SITEMAP


7. After clicking paste your sitemap URL and “Submit

If you not so sure about your sitemap you may want to click on “Test” and come back to submit


Congratulation your sitemap has been submitted successfully.

After submitting your sitemap your status will be pending for some hours or few days

In my case, my blog has 4 sitemaps generated by Yoast SEO plugin, which i added they all. you can add as many sitemap as possible.

Just like as shown in the image above, once your sitemap has been received by Google, will be able to see the number of item submitted and how many were indexed.

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