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TechParagon gives people the opportunity to sponsor posts on there platform. The purpose of this is to promote a business or service, or even to share innovation or idea.

Whatever your reason is to want to sponsor a post on our platform – it will be highly welcomed as long as it’s not a misleading information, or an information that is promoting an illegal activity.

Note that every sponsored post must pass the following criteria before it will be accepted for publication.

  1. It must be an original content. This means the content should be plagiarism free (in exception of some cases).
  2. Content should not promote any illegal material or activities.
  3. Image on the content should not portray any trace of copyright infringement.
  4. Purpose of content should not be for critics or violence.
  5. Content should not contain more than 5 links.
  6. Every sponsored post must have at least an image (Failure to provide one we will add a suiting image).

Who Writes The Sponsored Content?

You can either provide us with a content which pass all the aforementioned requirements, or you provide us with keywords, title or purpose which we will capitalize on to write an article for you.

How Much Does Sponsored Post Cost?

We do our possible best to see that our Sponsored Post is very affordable to everyone irrespective of their location.

  • For those base in Nigeria you can make Naira payments it cost ₦10,000 only.
  • For others it’s only $50 (USD)

What Mode Of Payment Is Available

Depending on your location, we will provide with different mode of payments that will be convenience for you.

Can I Pay After The Post Has Been Published

No, we insist on full payment before we started working on your content. We don’t accept part payment either.

How Soon Will Sponsored Post Be Published

Every post you sponsored will be published within 24 hours after payment has been confirmed. If the full content was provided, it will be published with in 2 hours.

How Do I Contact TechParagon For Sponsored Post

Contact Us via email: [email protected]


Call: 08063443710 (Nigerians)
+2348063443710 (Non Nigerians)

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