Secrets Of Making Money Online Without Paying Anything – 2019

After reading this you will be exposed to different ways to make money online without paying anything or making any investment, make money while working from home.

I was playing around with the Google Keyword Planner and discovered that a good sum of people are searching for “How to make money online without paying anything“.

What can I do if not to join in the search and see if there are some new techniques to discover. After my research, I saw there are things untouched.

So I decided to make a post on it – which is the post you are reading now.

There are over a hundred of ways to make money online, but we will limiting this article to the easiest ways of generating passive income online.

Before you can start making money online there must be something you must have to offer to people or business.

Once you discover what it is, you will then be able to know which free online platform will be best for you.

If you have nothing to offer, then involve brains that has what it takes and make them work for you – Nemo dat quod non habet.

Though it is not all business that can actually make money online directly.

Imagine if your business idea has to do with production of a particular product. Of course we all know that Production can’t be done online.

In such a case all you can do is to promote your product online.

Steps To Start Making Money Online

1. Discover what you can offer to people

This is the first step needed to be taken. Ask yourself the some question:

  • What is that you can offer to people?
  • What is that people are willing to pay you for?
  • Is there anything you can do that people will love to see or read?
  • What is that you have passion for that people will love?
  • Do you have an idea to solve any problem that affect certain people?

There are hundreds of questions that we can ask ourselves here. Is only when we have answers to the question that we can move to the next step.

2. Think of the best platform to use

This step is the most important. This is where you will determine if what you discovered in step one can be managed or promoted with an online platform.

You may have to invite programmers or web developer if you can’t think of some good.

You will have to pass this step to be closer to make money online. Which ever platform you choose, you have to make sure it is mobile friendly because today’s internet has more mobile users.

It should look good appealing too. You can also develop a Mobile App for it of necessary.

3. Promote your online business

After finding the best framework to promote your business, next is to promote it.

Your business may remain stagnant if not promoted. You will need to make use of the most effective promotional medium.

Facebook ads, Google ads and sponsored write-ups are all very effective means for online promotion.

4. Monetize your online business

Monetizing shouldn’t be your first priority. You main priority should be to make your online business stand.

First try to drive lots of traffic to your internet business. The power of all successful online business is the users.

When it comes to monetizing, there are many monetizing avenue available out there. Your type of online business will determine the ones to choose.

We will explain this step on the online business we are going to list out for you.

5. Reinvest in it

If you really want to make your online business grow big to the extent you will have to employ people then you must invest and reinvest in it.

Do not take all profit the business makes. Reserve some percentage for the growth of the business.

If your online business is about blogging for instance – you can employ authors that will assist you.

You can as well employ SEO expert to help make your article ranks on several search engines, and so on.

We will look at this more as we proceed.

Top Online Business To Start For Free

1. Content Writing and Blogging

Online content writing and blogging has been trending for a while. It seem to be the easiest among all online business.

Much skills is not required here. All you need is to be a good writer on any niche and display your write-ups on your blog.

Creating a blog doesn’t cost much, all you need is a domain name and hosting account.

A domain name cost about $10 annually. You can get cheap and reliable hosing with Namecheap.

Designing of blog is very easy with WordPress. We already written an articles on How to Create a WordPress Blog – Step by Step Tutorial. You can also contact a web developer to help you with it. Feel free to use our contact page in this regard.

If you need a free blog you can create one with Blogger or WordPress other platform are also available read them up How to Create a Free Blog -100% Free Blog here.

On your blog all you need to do is to be posting contents you sure people will love to read.

A good example is a tech blog – which is a blog that writes tech related contents and gives tech tutorials. A news blog gives you update an latest news update. An entertainment niche blog will keep dropping entertaining articles, and so on.

How to make money from content writing and blogging?

There are lots of ways a blogger can make money from their blog, but before good money can be made the blog is expected to have lots of traffic.

By traffic I mean those who visits the blog.

A blog that just few hundred daily traffic is expected to make just a very little income. But if the traffic of a blog runs in thousands expect to make really good income.

As a new blogger your target should be to built your traffic and not to generate income. You will know when you blog is ripe for monetization.

Monetization options for blogs

  1. Google AdSense and Alternatives: Once your blog is ripe for monetization and you are sure it meets AdSense requirement, you can then apply for Google AdSense. If approved you will be given some line of scripts which you will to put on your site. On the front-end, the script will turn to advertisement from different platforms. Your visitors will start seeing ads on your blog. Google will pay you on Cost Per Click (CPC) and Revenue Per Thousand Impression (RMP).
  2. Direct Advertisement: On like the case of Google AdSense where there is no relationship between your blog and those you are advertising for. In the case of direct advertisement individuals or business may contact you to advertise their product or services on your blog, which you will charge them for.
  3. Sponsored Post: As long as your blog is gaining authority in your niche. You will keep receiving calls and emails from people willing to publish their articles on your blog. Most time their post will have links to somewhere outside your blog. This is a perfect way of getting backlinks – so they are ready to pay for it.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a kind of system where you promote certain products or services using your personal link known as affiliate link. You will be paid a specified percentage or a fixed amount for every sales you made. All you need here it to drop your affiliate link on related articles. Doing this will increase the tendency of your sales.
  5. Direct Sales: Lots of bloggers creates a provision for direct sales on their blogs. A blogger may decide to write a book and put a price tag on it on their blog. Likewise a fashion blogger may decide add a shopping cart on their blogs where visitors can order for fashion product. They make sales and get profits.

2. Join Freelancing Sites

Freelance platforms have changed the way most professionals do their job and how most companies operate.

The freelancing apps businesses can easily source workers for projects that do not require to be on their payroll.

An independent professionals can search for work without pressure of aiming for tenure or position.

On freelancing sites all you need to do is to register and fill all the things you can do.

On the other hand, there are people who has jobs looking for who will execute it for them.

If it is something you can do – then you bid for the job with your price. If the job is given to you, at the completion of the job you will be paid for it.

Different freelancing platforms have been developed with unique features. So you have to research on which is best for you.

The kind of job you will find most on freelancing are computer related jobs. Main Website Designing, Graphics Designing, Content Writing, Virtual Assistance etc.

Top Freelancing Websites In The World


3. Search Engine Optimization

Popularly called SEO, it is a way to make online contents to rank high on the search engine reporting page (SERP).

With the rate of competition that we see online today, almost everything we search on Google exist on lots of website.

Everyone wants their contents, articles, posts or product to be on the first page of every search engine – ahead of all other articles.

This can easily be achieved with search engine optimization. Everything about SEO is done online, therefore it can be an online job for many expert in the field. Just be an expert in it and watch the world screaming for your help.

SEO have been a challenge to so many webmasters. Lots of website owners are paying huge amount of money just to see their website ranks very high on search engines.

If you are experienced in SEO just know that so many people are searching for you, and are ready to place on a good income you will hardly resist.

As an SEO expert you can be working for multiple websites and be receiving income from all of them.

Top Search Engines In The World

  • Google search
  • Bing
  • Yahoo search
  • Yandex search

4. Create a Job Portal

On daily basic the unemployed are searching for jobs. Even the employed are searching for better jobs. This means that almost everyone is a job seeker.

With just a little sum of money you can develop a platform which will link employers and employees together and you can make good money from it.

Your Main duty will be to sort for authentic employers and agents and make them register on your platform to keep posting current jobs that are available.

A good job portal is preferably a web application. There are different ways you can build it to make good money.

Am pretty sure you must have come across membership job websites, where people will have to pay to become members.

You can also decide to monetize it with AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Direct Advertising like in the case of blog explained above, and make even much money.

5. Social Media Manager

This will be an interesting online job for many people. It is a kind of job you work with fun.

To get this kind of job you have to be very literate and understand how most social media platform works, and how to use them to achieve a particular aim.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the king here. You have to understand all these social networks functionalities to get yourself prepared.

Once you sure you have what is takes to be a social media manager, talk to influential individuals and businesses you know don’t have or don’t manage their their social media pages properly. Let them know what they will gain when you become their social media manager.

If your words are convincing enough to them – they will surely hire you.

6. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is simply marketing via digital means. As a digital marketer your job is to market goods and services of your clients online.

A digital marketer should be able to know the most effective method of marketing a particular product.

The world is going fully digital, and every other thing is moving along side with it. Marketing is not left behind.

So many people now prefer to advertise on websites and mobile devices, rather than the “armchair” way of advertising.

There are many promotional options available for digital marketers, but a good digital marketer should be able to know which is best in every scenario.

Digital marketers may make use of Facebook ads & page, Google AdWord, Blogs, Instagram and many others. This is where the world is moving towards.

7. Affiliate Marketing

I call this selling for commission. After registering as an Affiliate Marketer for any product or service, you will be given you personal affiliate link. You will be paid commission for any business deal or sales that passed through your link.

As an affiliate marketer it will be great to have website or blog where you will promote your link. Simply research on the best affiliate platform that will suit requirement. There are thousands of them out there. Choose amount the ones that suits your niche.

Read up our post on the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria.

8. Start Web Hosting As A Reseller

So many web hosting companies we see today is just a mere office, they don’t have server of their own. They are affiliated to a parent hosting company that has the capacity and capability.

With as little monthly payment of $20 you can start a reseller hosting company. The good thing about reseller hosting is that no one will be aware that you are a reseller hosting.

Your parent hosting will create a window to makes you have a customize name servers. This means that the name of the name servers can be in your company name. I have written a comprehensive article How to Start a Web Hosting Company as a Reseller. read it up to get more knowledge about reseller hosting account.

9. Domain Trading

Domain trading means buying and selling of domain names. A domain name attracts about $10 annual fee. You can buy attractive domain names that are available and sell at a high rate when someone comes for it.

This may not sound OK to you – but just know that there are thousands of people that had made fortunes from domain trading. There have been cases where domain there was bought for $10 was sold for millions of dollars. See some examples below, they all were bought for about $10 but was sold millions of dollars.

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Name

  • – $49.7 million
  • – $35.6 million
  • – $35 million
  • – $30.18 million
  • – $18 million
  • – $17 million
  • – $16 million
  • – £9.99 million
  • .com – $13 million
  • $11 million

10. Develop a Mobile App

The rate at which smartphone users are increasing, it won’t be a bad idea to develop your own Android or/and iOS app and monetize it. The best app monetization is the Google AdMob. The AdMob is very similar to the Adsense. While the AdMob is for applications, the AdSense is for websites.

To apply for Google AdMob is very easy, simply navigate your web browser to and login in with your Google account.

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