How to Report Copied Content to Google for Immediate Removal

After reading you will learn how to report copied content to Google and WordPress for immediate removal

Did you discover any blog or website coping you content?

Are you scared that Google may rank their blog higher than yours even after stealing from you?

Do you know that you will lose traffic and ranking as a result of this?

Once a copied page or post is reported, Google will immediately remove it and such page or post will never be found on the Google search engine.
But if the reported content is hosted under Google’s platform i.e. Blogspot, Google Drive or Google Cloud, Google may automatically delete such content if it is within their powers.

Though research has shown that Google takes up to a week or more to process reported contents.

Website That Provides Copy Content Information

Alternatively, you can copy a sentence from your blog post as a quote and paste on Google search. Apart for you post URL, Google search will display any other blog or website that has exact the same content you pasted. Then you can click on the other URL displayed by Google to see how you post was copied, of if there was a coincidence on that sentence.

How To Report copied content to Google

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So once you have spotted that your content is copied, log on to Google DMCA page

Alternatively, use this direct links for the different forms:

After filling the form before submitting, make sure you re-check your request.

Within a few of days you will get totally rid of all copied content and you will get your stolen traffic back.

Google will penalize you if you claim to have the copyright of another content.




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