Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria – Step By Step Guide 2018

This is an educative business article, here we gave all the information needed to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

Like we know, a good percentage of the Nigerian population make use of mobile phones, and most of them buy recharge cards on daily basis to enable them make calls both local and international.

Selling recharge card is one business most people are shying away from. The reason for this is because they are not aware how lucrative it can be.

We are not only talking about buying recharged cards in packs and sell in unit, like the popular wholesale and retail stuff.

What we are talking about is here includes how to printing these recharge cards yourself. Am not talking about printing fake recharge card. Don’t think that is only the network operators prints their recharge cards.

Starting the recharge card business may be very challenging at first. But if you know how you can build your customer base then you will have little or no challenges.

Another thing you must consider is your environment. To succeed in this kind of business, its best you operate in a location where there are lots of GSM users to enable have an existing market. Else you may end up printing and no one will want to buy.

Types Of Recharge Card Business Dealers

1. Recharge Card Mega Dealers

To become a recharge card mega dealers to need to have up to 10 million Naira for a start. These category people are like distributors that buy directly for the producers.

They are actually the recharge card merchants, they sell in bulks and packs to the wholesale. They buy the card pins directly from the telecommunication companies themselves.

2. Recharge Card Wholesalers

Just like in the normal chain of production we learnt in commerce. The wholesalers are those who buys the recharge card in bulks from the Mega Dealers (mega dealers was explained above) and sell in packs to the retailers, to make their profit.

3. Recharge Card Retailers

The recharge card retailers are the normal card sellers you find on the street and in respective shop and under umbrellas.

These people buys the recharge card in packs from the wholesalers and sell in unit to the consumers.

The consumers are the last segment in the chain of production. They buy these recharge cards to use them and not to make further profit.

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How Much Is Needed To Start A Recharge Card Business

You can start a recharge card business as a Mega dealer, Wholesaler or Retailer.

1. Start Recharge Card Business As A Mega Dealer

To start recharge card business as a Mega dealer the capital required is very high as it runs into millions of Naira.

2. Start Recharge Card Business As A Retailer

To start recharge card business as a retailer is to most easy one, but has less profit when compared to others. As long as you have the amount of money that can buy a pack of recharge card then you are good to go.

3. Start Recharge Card Business As A Wholesaler

Starting up a recharge card business as a wholesaler, I suggest you start with at least ₦100,000.

The profit you make from selling recharge card won’t be that much if you don’t sell much, this why I said previously that to excel you need to have a large customer base.

You make appropriately ₦5 profit for every ₦100 card you sell.

This means that you can make about ₦5,000 daily if you invest a ₦100,000 and make equal sales each day.

You can start little and grow the business with time by reinvestment part of your profit.

Some people in this business sell more than a million Naira card everyday. You can now imagine how much they make daily.

There are people that makes comfortable ₦50,000 daily as their gross profit. Most of them will never tell you because they feel you will be competing with them.

What Is Needed To Start A Recharge Card Printing Business

  • The required Capital
  • Computer or Laptop (you can also use a cyber café)
  • An Internet connection (not needed in all cases)
  • Software (register with a mega dealer to get their software)
  • ePins of any card network you want to print (your mega dealer will inform you on this)
  • Printer and Papers


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