Problems of https in Blogger Custom Domain

This article is a guest post which contains the Problems of https in Blogger Custom Domain.

Before reading further please note that Blogger provides a direct HTTPS services for a custom domain. Never think of adding https in blogger on a custom domain, if you do so then you are creating problem by you yourself.

Guess you want to know why should not add https in blogger custom domain?

Are you aware of the disadvantages of using https in blogger custom domain?

What are the disadvantages of using https in blogger custom domain?

There are various problems associated with using https in blogger custom domain. This post is based on my experience when I was managing blogger with https, which lead to lots of issues.

Disadvantages of https in Blogger Custom Domain

If you use https in blogger custom domain then your blog post will be removed from Google or other search engines because blogger already gives warning that https is not available for custom domain and Blogger doesn’t support third-party SSL certificate.

  • All my blog post were removed from Google when i added https. My Search console gave lots of errors including Server error. So don’t use https in a custom domain.
  • Https is not important for the blog as it provides security when secure text is transferred in your website but the blog does not contain any secure info and again the blogger admin panel is opened by Gmail id and password, Also, Google provides more security for all Gmail or blogger users to prevent hackers.
  • Google provides a default Sitemap file for all blogger because blogger, this is because blogger does not provide any option to upload file. sitemap.xml is a file which should be upload to on the server. You do not need to create a sitemap.xml file for a blogger blog. Although you can directly add your blogger sitemap.xml file in Google Webmaster (Google Console).


  1. Kome Cafe Vietnamese Coffee says

    How to migrate Cloudflare https tp Blogger HTTPS because it shows “HTTPS Availablity is being precessed. Check back later” But I’m waitting for last five days it’s still showing the same message.
    Plz help me! My subdomain don’t turn on https but my main domain is OK
    Thanks all

    1. TechParagon says

      Clear your cache

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