How to Pass US Visa Interview – Questions and Answers Included

On this post you will learn all the scope on how to pass the US Visa Interview at once. Also included is the questions usually being asked and answers during the Visa Interview at the USA embassy.

The United States of America is a well respected country. The country in rich technology, their system is so organized, their economy is very stable. It is a country which is admired by most people and one of the most difficult to get a Visa to.

So many people with their individual reason has making endless effort to go to the States. But the greatest obstacle is to obtain US Visa.

Their are reasons why people want to travel United States. While most travels for schooling purpose, others travels for business, tourist, visit, events etc.

Most students has gained admission into so many colleges and universities in the US But ends up not going because they fail the final interview at the United States Embassy. The same applies to those travelling for other purpose aside from schooling.

How to Pass USA Embassy Visa Interview

  • You have to dress very smart for your interview.
  • You should arrive on time, it is a sign of being serious.
  • Try not to get so much nervous.
  • Add a smile on your face,  it proves you have full confidence.
  • Answer all questions with confidence.

Frequently asked questions and Answers in USA Visa Interview

Please note that there is a reason for every question asked during the interview. You may even be asked same question but in different ways. During an interview you must be very smart and attentive too.

If a question asked is repeated and you give different answer, your Visa may be denied. During the interview you will need to think before you speak. You don’t have to speak fast, do your possible best to feel relaxed while you speak.

Note: The answers to the questions below are specifically for those wishing to travel for academic purpose.

Q1. What would you do if you win a $10,000,000 jackpot in a casino at the US?

Ans: If I win a $10,000,000 I will immediately come back to my country after my study with the money and invest in a lucrative business.

Q2. What if someone offers you a high paying salary job will you accept it?

Ans: My purpose of wanting to go to United States is to further my education, I don’t plan getting a job over there as it may affect my academics negatively.

Q3. If a beautiful lady/gentleman proposes to you for marriage what will you do?

Ans: I already have a fiance/wife/husband so I will definitely reject the proposal.

The officers at the embassy ask questions of this nature to analyse the applicants. Do not give answers without thinking, it is always best to answer honestly. If the officer doubts your intention to leave the United States after your visit, your visa may be rejected.

During the interview you must demonstrate that you have enough financial support, as questions may be asked in this regard. You will have to convince them you will not become a burden to the US govt.

Have you attended an interview in the American Embassy If yes please comment some of the question you where asked.

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