How to Open and Verify a PayPal Account in Nigeria.

On this article you will be guided on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, verify your PayPal account in Nigeria and fund your PayPal account in Nigeria.

It is no longer current that PayPal now accept Nigeria after many years of restriction. Back In 2014, PayPal added Nigeria along side 9 other countries to their financial operations under certain limitations.

For Nigerians, you can not withdraw from a PayPal you PayPal. PayPal can only allow your Nigerian verified account for online payments.

Better understanding of PayPal

Among other online payment platforms, PayPal seems to be one of the biggest. When PayPal is integrated into e-commerce platform it makes payment flexible and ease in online money transfer. PayPal payment services allows you to easily send and receive money without risk of being compromised.

Below you will find info on how you can open a Nigerian verified PayPal account and fund it in Nigeria using your Naira master card.

How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria.

1. Visit PayPal official website on and click on the sign-up button which will then redirect you to the sign up page.

2. On the sign-up page choose Nigeria as “your country or region” on the drop-down menu.

3. The type of account you want to open which can be either individual or business account.

4. You will next be redirected to another page again in other to fill a form.

5. After you are done filling the form correctly, click on proceed to confirm that you are a human.

6. Enter the displayed text into the box (recapcha) provided and click on continue.

7. Next you will have to input your credit or debit card details.

8. On the details make sure your billing address is the same with the address associated with your bank account and then proceed.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a PayPal account in Nigeria, but yet to be verified on PayPal Nigeria.

You are very close to own a Nigeria verified PayPal account.

How to verify a Nigeria PayPal Account.

To verified a Nigerian PayPal account, you have to link the just opened Nigerian paypal account to one of your a functional debit or credit card. You can later link it to more of your cards.

Follow the steps below to get your Nigerian PayPal account verified.

1. After registration go to your email to verify your email address. You will see a message from PayPal.

2. Open the message and click on login to access your PayPal account.

3. Click on Get Verified which is shown on the top left corner of the page – right under My account >> Status.

4. Look for an option on the screen that says link debit or credit card and click on it.

5. Fill your debit or credit card details and Submit it.

After doing this your card will be charged about $1.95 in Naira equivalent. Do not worry about that, the money will be returned to your account once your account gets verified. You will then receive a message from your bank after few hours depending on how quick your bank services is.

After seeing the message, go back to your PayPal account dashboard and click on confirm debit/credit card, Enter the four digit number under the transaction location immediately after PP* and continue.

Click on My Account, then you will see Verified under Status which you will use to see Get verified.

And that is it, you now own your Nigeria verified PayPal account.


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