How to Open Payoneer Account in Nigeria for Free – Step by Step 2019

On this article you will learn how to open a Payoneer account In Nigeria.

Payoneer is an innovative payment platform that empowers people from different countries to easily get paid by international companies and marketplaces quickly at much reduced cost.

Opening a Payoneer allows you to have bank accounts in up to seven different currencies and countries. Once your Payoneer account is set up, it gives accounts in USD (US Dollars), EUR (Euro) and GBP (Pounds). On request you can also activate more bank accounts in JPY, CNH, CAD and AUD.

See image below;

Open Payoneer Account

Payoneer allows you to transfer funds between the accounts given to you, you can also transfer to other users Payoneer’s accounts.

One can also request for a Payoneer Master Card to make withdrawals from any ATM around the world.

With the same Master Card you can do your online shopping and pay with the card – while the money gets deducted from your account.

If you open your own Payoneer account here in Nigeria, it will allow you to enjoy the flexible and cost effective payment solutions from Payoneer here in Nigeria.

You can make payments with your Payoneer and you can as well receive money from any international clients right here in Nigeria.

For most bloggers in Nigeria today, Payoneer has been their best option for collecting Adsense funds from Google. Expecially those who do not have a Nigeria Adsense.

If you you using a UK or US Adsense, Payoneer will bring flexibility in getting funds from Google Adsense.

Benefits of having Payoneer Account in Nigeria

  • Payoneer  is easy to use and with a low service charge.
  • Very fast Payment, you receive your payments within few minutes.
  • The Payoneer platform is available in over 200 countries to withdraw your funds.
  • It supports online shopping payments.
  • Payoneer allows to withdraw payments from any ATM that supports MasterCard.
  • With Payoneer  you can withdraw payments from Paypal, Freelancer, Payza etc.
  • It allows you to receive payments from all Payoneer partner companies via Payoneer Account.
  • Other Payoneer account holders can also make a payment directly into your Payoneer account, totally free of charge.
  • Add your local bank account details to your Payoneer account and transfer your funds directly into your bank account.
  • You can receive payments in dollars from US companies, just as if you have a US bank account.
  • They offfer 24hrs Customer Support.
  • + many more benefits.

Things Needed to Open Payoneer Account in Nigeria

  1. A functional email address.
  2. A valid Identity card (National ID card, Nigeria drivers licence, International passport)
  3. An address for the delivery of your Payoneer Mastercard. (On request)

How to Open Payoneer Account in Nigeria

Click here to Register a Payoneer account in less than 5 min.

1. Choose if you are an individual or a company

2. Fill your name, address etc as it appears in the ID card and your bank. (this will fasten the approval)

See image below;

3. Set your password, answer a security question.

4. Select your ID type and provide the details of you ID as required. (Please do not make a mistake here)

5. Provide your bank account details if required by Payoneer. (Make sure the bank account it active and functional)

6. You will be asked your bank SWIFT/BIC. Simply Google it.

Once you are done filling the form, wait for an email notification from Payoneer about your application status. This is why I said earlier that you should make use of a functional email.

Approval may take few hours, in some cases it may take couple of days. Once approved, your can request for your Payoneer Master Card if you have fund up to $30 in your Payoneer account.

Sign Up for Payoneer account and start receiving international funds today.


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    Can I add my bank account to Payoneer at 16?

  2. Johnson says

    Nice one. I need this account to get my Adsense fund.

  3. Emmanuel says

    I’ve tried registering both on my laptop and on my phone, however I keep getting an access denied page. What could be the problem?

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