MTN Free Browsing – Latest Cheat January 2019

This article will expose some secrets, it is called MTN free browsing cheat – unlimited MTN data.

Are you tired of buying data all the time?

If yes, then this post is for you.

Here in Nigeria data seems to be very expensive when compared with most other countries of the world.

The same telecommunication company that exist here in Nigeria also exist in few other African countries, but with a cheaper service charges.

If data service is affordable no one will be looking for cheats, because it can be time wasting.

Now tell me, why should an internet bundle someone bought with money have a validity period, as if it is a bonus.

I think Nigerians are being exploited by most of this telecom providers. This is a very crucial case the NCC should look into.

While we hope and pray for cheap internet data, those who can’t afford the current data plans will keep looking for loopholes among the telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

One of the leading Telecom provider in Nigeria today is MTN. It is not arguable that MTN has the best network coverage in Nigeria.

When we talk on strong internet connectivity, MTN will definitely be outstanding among other.

You will definitely love MTN if you stay in the rural part of the country, this is because most telecom providers have but poor network in most rural places.

We previously dropped a post on various MTN data plans, you may love to read that too.

MTN data are affordable by average Nigerians, but for the sake of those who can’t afford paying for MTN data, we put up this article for you to enable you browse and download unlimited for free using Psiphon Handler.

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Browsing with Psiphon Handler

  1. Download Psiphon Handler APK for Android.
  2. Install the downloaded APK on your Android device.
  3. Launch the Psiphon Handler and do the following setup;
    —–Uncheck the port box
    —–Proxy type should be: Dual Real Host
    —–Proxy server should be:
    —–Real proxy type must be: HTTP
    —–Real proxy port must be: 80
  4. Next, navigate to “Options” and set your region to be “United States“.
  5. Click on MORE Options, under Connect Through HTTP, type MTN IP which is as Host address and Port should be 8080
    And that is it, click on “Connect Button” and start your free browsing.

The cheat is truly working but definitely not on all MTN SIM – please don’t ask my why, because I don’t know.

It is still advisable you pay for data bundle than using cheats.

We do not guarantee 100% safety of this cheat, so therefore we shall not accept responsibility of any damage it may cause.

This article is only for informational purposes use at your own risk.


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