Message Center Number For MTN, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile

On this article were are going to list the message center number of all the telecom operators in Nigeria – MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile.

SMSC stands for Short Message Service Center Number. This number is needed to be set correctly in your phone before it can be able send text messages.

Once you insert a SIM card into your phone, your can read the SIM card to use the right message center number without any issues. But there cases where your phone may be unable to sent SMS, first thing you aught to do – is crosscheck to message center number to see if it is correct.

It is possible someone may have picked up your phone and edit it for one reason or the other. Or let’s say your children or younger ones may have been playing with your phone and pressing what they don’t know, and mistakenly change the SMSC digit.

In situations like this you are likely to be getting message sending failed error once you try to send text messages with your phone.

Each of the mobile network carriers in Nigeria have a unique message center number. If you not in Nigeria then call your mobile network customer service and get the number from them.

MTN Message Center Number


9mobile Message Center Number


Airtel Message Center Number


Glo Message Centre Number


The next time you experience an SMS failure simply crosscheck the message center number and make sure it’s correct. You will find the message center on the message settings of your phone.

More About Message Center Number

The Message Service Center Number is just like a port – responsible for successful delivering every text messages of a mobile network carrier via your phone.

Although the Message Service Center Number looks like an ordinary international format phone number. Ignore how it looks and ensure it’s correctness.

Whenever a text message is sent from a mobile phone, it will first reach an SMS Service Center. The SMS center will then forward the SMS to the destination mobile network.

The main function of the SMSC is to route text messages and regulate its process. For instance, if the recipient of an SMS is unavailable, the SMSC will then store the text message. Once the recipient is reachable it will then forward the text message them.

How To Set Up Message Center Number

Every mobile phone has a menu option, in most cases this option can be find in your message settings. Is from there that you can configure the SMSC address.

For iPhone users you can easily check your message center number by simply dialing *#5005*7672#
In most Androids devices, the message center number can be in Messages >> Option >> Settings > Text Message Setting >> SMS Service Center.


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