How to Download YouTube Videos for Free 2019

On This Post You Will Learn How to Download YouTube Videos For Free

Have you been viewing amazing videos on YouTube but don’t know how to download them?

Have you been asking how to download videos on YouTube for free?

Its a pity that YouTube do not provide links to download any of their videos.

But since 2013 I have been downloading all my favorite video on YouTube for free, although some people call it a cheat, but I can’t say for sure.

I have been using the so called cheat make all my YouTube downloads. But guess what! Am ready to share it with you, no app is needed it can be done via any web browser.

It is called “ssYouTube“. It the most simplest way to download from YouTube.

It can be done by just adding “ss” to the YouTube video URL and press the “Enter” button – which will then redirect you to “” showing you options to download the video in different formats.

How to Download YouTube Videos For Free

Step 1.

Open YouTube with your web browser and click on the video you want download.

Step 2.

For YouTube Web URL

Add “ss” on the URL of the video. For instance, if the video URL is:

After adding “ss” it will look like:

Then press “Enter” button

For YouTube Mobile URL

If you are using a mobile phone and your URL is like:″

You will need to edit to change “m” to “www” and add “ss” on your mobile browser – to look like:″

Step 3.

The URL you edited will redirect to another website called “
Which will give options to download the video in different format.

Step 4.

Click a video format to download the video directly in to your PC or mobile phone.

Note: The higher the video pixel (resolution) the higher the bandwidth it will cost you. i.e. If 720p is video is 20MB, 360p will be about 7MB. Keep it low else you need a very high resolution video. 320p video is perfect for mobile phone and tablet view.


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