1. Phone conversation

    For free, yes for free. Call me lets talk, there are lots we can talk about concerning the web
  2. WordPress training via phone call chats

    Starts from ₦10,000 depending on duration. Package includes •  Free software to install local server on your PC, •  Latest WordPress.org script, •  Free WordPress.org tutorial videos to help you learn faster, • WordPress premium themes (worth over $200) •  WordPress premium plugins (worth over $250) and so on.
  3. Let me develop your professional blog

    I will develop professional blog for you which will be 100% mobile responsive and capable of generating unlimited revenue
  4. Let me develop your business website

    Every business in this era needs to have a good online presence. Among other benefits, a good business website will showcase your business to billions of web users in a blink of an eye, thereby generation more revenue for your business by linking you to potential clients/customers.
  5. I can develop an online store for you

    Whatever your taste on a good online store/eCommerce is - i will develop it. Your online store will be able to compete well with other leading online market place.
  6. Do you need an online discussion forum?

    Just like Nairaland, we can build a good discussion board which will attract a good audience base.
  7. I can migrate a website from one host to another

    Are you sick of your current web hosting? then contact me, i will advice you on the best and affordable web hosting and as well help you to migrate your website to any host of your choice with out your site going down for a sec, I will also make sure you retain all your SEO
  8. I can build a school management system

    Do you own or manage a school? a school management website is all you need to simplify all activities
  9. I can migrate you website from http to https

    This you need to secure your website as well as to improve your SEO. Read my post on the good impact of migrating from http to https here
  10. I can troubleshoot your WordPress blog

    Are you facing issues with your WordPress blog? Then contact me to resolve it for you

There are lots of things I can do for you, you can fill the form below or contact me on 08063443710 or send an email to [email protected]



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