3 Ways To Hide Your Phone Number On MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile

On this post you will learn how to hide your phone while making calls to any network in the world.

There are situations that can make people want to hide there phone number while putting a call across. Am pretty sure that you have at least once received a call from and “unknown caller” or “private number“. Some device may give it other name.

When anyone receives this type of call – it happens that they won’t know who the caller is, else you speak with them and recognize their voice, or they tell you who they actually are.

If you miss a call from a hidden number – what it means is that you can’t return the call because you don’t know who was calling.

People decides to hide their mobile number for different reasons.

Hiding of phone number is great especially when someone refuses to pick his or her call. Some people also use it for playing pranks.

Overtime, the story has changed, some people now abuse the service. Something the was designed for a good purpose is now being used by criminals and kidnappers when performing their dirty deeds.

But the truth is that on “secret” the hidden number can be detected when you involve some top authorities, especially when there is a threat to life.

Your Telecom network has what it takes to unveil the private calling number. But they don’t easily give it out. In fact they may even tell you that it’s not possible, because every mobile number user has the right to privacy. They have their customers to protect. This is why some authorities has to be involved to make it possible.

The hiding of number was designed for good reason. For example, someone is owing some money but refuse to pick your calls, you may decide to hide your number to put a call through. As well as other related issues.

How To Make Your Number Hidden Before Calling

There are two ways to make your number private – so the call receiver won’t see the number you calling with.

1. USSD Code Method (for single number)

This method is as easy as ABC.
All you need to do is to add #31# before typing the number you want to call with a hidden number.

For example, if you want to put a call to 080123456xx simply dial #31#080123456xx and Send. Your number will be hidden from the call receiver.

This option only affect that number on your call record. To unveil your number you can simply edit the number your record or history by removing #31#. Or redial the number without adding #31#.

2. Phone Settings Method (for all numbers)

This may not be available on all phones. Depending on your phone brand simply go to Settings >> Calls Settings >> you will see an to send caller identity, simply turn it ON.

When you do this your phone number will be totally hidden from anyone you are calling. Turn it OFF when you want to deactivate it.

3. USSD code (for all numbers)

This option may not be available on all networks. It is very similar to the first method explained above, but this will affect all your outgoing calls. While the first option affects only the number you edited.

This option is also like a shortcut to the phone settings method, and it affects all outgoing numbers too.

To use this method, simply dial #31# and Send. You will receive a pop-up notification that you call ID has been disabled.

To enable simple dial *31# also you will get a notification that your call ID has been enabled.

Please note that this third method may not work on most networks.


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