How To Start A Profitable Grasscutter Farming Business in Nigeria

In recent days, grasscutter farming is gaining serious momentum. Grasscutter farming can be the rearing of grasscutter for both commercial and domestic use.

The greater cane rat is popularly identified as the grasscutter which belongs to the rodent family and are closely related to the porcupine although the porcupine is bigger. You can distinguish the grasscutter from the rats due to their spiny fur on their back and a rounded nose.

The grasscutter grows to an average length of 720mm and weighs 2.5kg when fully matured. When the grasscutter farming business is taken seriously, it can earn you a lot of cash.

It is one of the animals that is extremely suitable for commercial rearing purposes. There are various species of grasscutter such as the thryonomyid swinderianus and thryonomys gregorianus.

Here is a comprehensive guide of how to start a grasscutter farming business in Nigeria.

Colony and Pen

The grasscutter lives in a colony where two mature males cannot be kept together. Therefore, you are supposed to start with few males and females together. You should ensure that your colony consists of one male grasscutter and three to four females.

Therefore, your capacity will help to determine the number of the colony that you will want to begin with. For the small farmers, it is best, to start with, one or two colonies. In each territory, you should have an arrangement of one male and three females. You should ensure that the pen is adequately spacious.

One is required to separate the place that they sleep from the area that they carry out the different form of activities. This is because; the grasscutters do not like sleeping where they feed. When you are building the grasscutter cage, you should make sure that it has a dimension of about 180cm in its length, a width of 160cm, and height of 45cm.

You should construct the colonies in a way that the temperature will remain stable in all the times. Ensure that the cage keeps the colonies protected from the pests, for instance, the soldier ants, snakes, and humans.

You can prevent the access of the ants through pouring engine oils around the pens and the surrounding regions. Ensure that the floor is required to be overlain with soft grass to keep their feet safe from getting hurt. This also provides the grasscutter with the condition that is a soft cushy playground.

This is important especially during the rainy seasons. You should also protect the grasscutters from humidity.


The main reason for keeping grasscutter is for meat. Therefore, it is required to grow well and healthy so that you can gain more profit.

For the farmer to achieve this, you should emphasize on the selection of the breeding stock. It is necessary that every colony have healthy stock. When you are choosing the male grasscutter, you should look at the well being and good weight gain.

This helps to determine how healthy the grasscutter male. When looking on how to start a lucrative grasscutter business in Nigeria, you should choose a breed that is acceptable in the region. The health state of the grasscutters aids rapid reproduction.

The vital thing in rearing the grasscutter is fertility; therefore, ensure that you only select healthy grasscutter females and males. This is because, with a female that is not genetically healthy, it impacts the breeding stocks.

Feeding The Grasscutter

It cost less cash to provide the grasscutters with food. This is because; the grasscutters are herbivores animals as they mostly feed on grass. The most common grass that the grasscutters feed on is the elephant grass and the Congo grass.

Other feeds for the grass cutter are such as groundnuts, maize, cassava, legumes, sweet potatoes, pineapples, sugarcane and others.

For the grasscutters to gain weight, you should continuously provide them with fatty, healthy meals all the times. This will enable them to reach the market size within a short period.

Weaning Time

For the grasscutters that are in the weaning stage, they should be kept with their mothers for around four to eight weeks. When they are in the wild of moving together as a family, you can keep them with their mothers for up to four months.

When they reach seven to eight months old, you can separate them from their mothers and place them with the mature ones of the opposite sex. This encourages mating to occur.

For the male grasscutter, they start their mating stage when they are eight months old. The mating period should be for about 140 days. It is required to be restarted with different males after 160 days.

In the female grasscutters, they do not show any signs of pregnancy. The grasscutters are the best for rearing due to their fast reproduction rate. This starts at a period of seven months after their birth.

In every reproduction cycle, it can be for about four to ten babies. For example, when you have ten female grasscutters, they can give birth to about two hundred grasscutters in one year. This will make you gain more profit.

The Market For The Grasscutters

The market for the grasscutter is huge. The grasscutter meat is one of the meats in the market with high demand. A high population love it; therefore, it sells fast. The meat is used in big local restaurants, It is also used for preparing price delicacies.

The grasscutter farming business is one of the most productive businesses. Therefore, with the comprehensive guide on how to start a profitable grasscutter farming business in Nigeria, you can get high revenues.

This grasscutter farming business is less expensive to run and yields high profits. The grasscutters can be used for medical purposes since their pancreas contains a high concentration of the insulin that is helpful in the treatment of diabetes.

Therefore, it is a primary key to the manufacturing procedures of various pharmaceutical firms, utilized in making of diabetes drugs. This makes it have more demand than the available supply.

Therefore, it is good to consider the above steps to get huge profits in your grasscutter farming business.


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