6 Major Reasons why Google may Disable or Ban your AdSense Account

This article explain the six major violations on the AdSense policy which may make Google to block, disable or ban your AdSense account.

The Google AdSense program has been existing since June 2003. That is many years ago, and it is still existing till today.

Many competitors have come to sideline AdSense – but all end up failing. The more they push, the more AdSense becomes stronger. AdSense is today the strongest among all other ads network. And when it comes to revenue generation AdSense is fair enough.

So many bloggers and online business owners have made it big with the AdSense program. Today most people involved in online business depends mainly on Google AdSense to make there online income.

But the big issue is that Google is actually kicking people out of its AdSense. Most time when they do this, they ended up net telling the full reason for their action.

They only notify you via an email, letting you know that your AdSense account has been banned, suspended, blocked or disabled – with “lots of stories”.

Actually, there are many reasons why your Google AdSense Account may get blocked. We shall look in them one after the other.

Reasons Why Google May Banned your AdSense Account.

1. Invalid Clicks

After getting AdSense approved, some people prefer to use the backdoor way to generate more fund from AdSense. They do this by accessing their AdSense site on different computers just to click on their own ads. Some even go as far as telling their friends to go to their site and click on ads.

Although, Google do not disclose how that detect such malpractice, but it’s believed their system take record of IP Address.

Google are not fools, they will surely detect such misuse of the AdSense network. Once your account is found guilty of such act. Google will immediately disable your AdSense account to ensure the safety of their Advertisers.

2. Applying Adsense code on site with unsupported languages

Google had already started the languages their AdSense program supports, you can find them here.

You will be violating the AdSense policy when you start adding your AdSense code on blogs or websites written in a language not supported by AdSense, and this can lead to suspension of your AdSense account. So if you are guilty of such act, is better you remove the AdSense code from such site now before Google discovers and penalize you.

3. Indirectly promoting ads

Some AdSense publishers now make use of catching words just to mislead people to click on ads. On some blogs nowadays, publishers use words like “click here” which will be place right on the header of ads. Some even go as far as integrating ads into videos placed on their site just to encourage clicks.

If you are involved in this or you display AdSense as a pop-up – then you AdSense account is at a big risk.

4. Altering your AdSense code

So many programmers are guilty of this particular offence. They alter the AdSense code for reasons well know to them. If you are altering AdSense because you want to change the display, then I suggest you go and generate another “ads unit” from your AdSense account dashboard that will suit your need or rather still you make use of the responsive ads unit.

5. Using AdSense on Copyright content

If you are placing AdSense code on a site that distributes copyright content such as; software, movies, music e.t.c. Once you are discovered your AdSense account will be at big time risk on getting instant ban. It is against AdSense rules putting AdSense on the site involved in the distribution of copyright material.

6. Linking your AdSense site to an Illegal or copyright content site

If your site is giving links to sites that are into; Porn, Adult material, Violent content, Racial content, Hacking/Cracking, Gambling/Casino, Alcohol, Hard Drugs, Weapons or Student Essays. You will have to remove such link, else AdSense will be forced to believe that you are promoting those dealings, they have their advertisers to protect, they won’t hesitate to kick you out of the program.


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