Effects of SEO on Bloggers – Main Disadvantages of SEO

While I was writing my previous post, I discovered that I was actually considering more of SEO than the content message because of the competitive nature of the topic, that made me to sit and write this post which I termed effects of SEO on bloggers.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is a practice done by webmasters and online content writers to increase and improve both the quality and quantity of their website traffic via organic search engines result.

SEO can be on-page, off-page or both. Off-page SEO deal with SEO skill done outside a website that will impact the traffic and ranking of the website positively. While the on-page SEO involves the skills and tricks done on the website – especially within the contents, which boost the site ranking and traffic as well.

On this post I will be limiting it only to on-page SEO that are done while writing an article – as it has affected peoples ways of writing.

Negative Effects of SEO on Blogger

When I was a kid in elementary school, I was thought how to write – so that whoever that is reading my content will understand it easily. But now the case has changed, instead of writing for easy understanding, bloggers write to impress the search engines, they make use of what they call keywords, backlinks, tags and other SEO skill which reflect on the post content. They do this in such a way search engine will understand their contents better, just because they want their content to rank high on search engines result page.

Who do Bloggers Write For, Humans or Search Engine Robots?

This is a relative question, but over 80% of bloggers write for bots without even knowing it. This is because the best way to locate a content on the web is via the search engine. With that mindset bloggers and online content writers prefer to write for search engine robots. And when a bloggers refuses to adhere to this On-Page SEO principle they start loosing their site traffic.

Every blogger has a target audience, but they prefer to write in a way search engine will understand putting their audience second. Although this is sad, but they do it to get more audience with the help of the search engines.

As a new blogger if you do not consider SEO then expect you blog or content to go nowhere.

Who Can Stop this Problem?

Due to competition blogger and online contents writers are not ready to adjust. Most of them earn their daily bread online, so adjusting will affect their income level.

The only people who have the power to stop this issue are search engine companies, especially the big ones like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Yandex. These big search engine company have to look for else ways of locating high quality contents, which has nothing to do with the way these contents are written.

They should know that most best quality contents related to each keyword are not even found on their front page result, sometimes these contents are not even found at all. In this regard improvement is needed.

Disadvantages of SEO

The disadvantages of SEO are with consideration, therefore we can refer to them as effects of SEO or problems of SEO. 

1. It can make web contents lose its taste

As we can see in the explanation above, people choose SEO to the detriment of online content. They play with keywords and change their patterns of writing in a way they will rank for as many keywords as possible. They go as far as linking to web pages which is not related to the reading content, just because they want to create as many backlinks as possible, be it internal or external backlinks.

2. It change the mentality on how bloggers write

When bloggers has written so many online articles using the necessary SEO skills, they might end up getting so use to that way of writing – and this will affect their way of writing in a formal way, just as the way online chat abbreviations has most student way of writing. This is really something alarming for now, else in decades to come it may be a big issue. May be by then English language might adopt “keywords” and “backlinks” to their parts of speech lol!.

3. It does not guarantee high ranking all the time

One sad thing is that even after writing with this presumed SEO skills you may still end up not ranking for it. There is no guarantee that you will rank high for implementing SEO skills, although, there are tendencies.

Now the big question is “when everyone implement equal SEO skills to their online contents how will the search engines respond to it?”

4. You can get penalized for over optimization

OMG! This is setting a barrier. If your content is seen as an over-optimized content, the search is likely not to display it in their result page. This over-optimization is to make web contents not to lose its taste, but I expects it gets more rigid – so, people will adhere more to it.

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