Difference Between iPhone and Android Mobile Phones

There is this misconception about iPhone being better than that of Android. But what most people refuse to understand is that one is not suppose to compare iPhone with Android, reason because iPhone is a hardware while Android is an operating system (software).

The iPhone uses an operating system known as the iOS. It is best to compare the iOS with the Android because they both are operating system. If you want to compare iPhone with something else, then compare it with other products like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Vadafone, Lenovo,Infinix, Tecno, Vivo and so on.

There are many variables one can use to judge both of the operating system to be better than the other, but never use the price to judge. High pricing never mean superiority or quality.

Although we know iPhone don’t jeopardize with quality and as well runs a monopolistic operating system. The quality and the monopoly market may be the reason for high price.

Without saying much here let us compare both iPhone and Android to enable you choose your choice.

Difference Between iPhone and Android

iPhone and Android which is better

1. Quality

You must have wondered why iPhone is so expensive?

So many people have argued about this issue, some says iPhone is expensive because of its quality, while others countered, standing on the opinion that the Apple iPhone is expensive because of the monopolistic nature of the iOS. “The monopoly that exist is the reason why most people don’t know the difference between Apple, iPhone & iOS“.

Android on its own part is an open source software managed by Google. There are more than a hundred phone manufacturers whose products runs on the Android operating system. They all customize Android to suit their specific need.

This means that there is actually a huge competition going on in the android market that will definitely have an effect on the price.

Could this be the reason why some android phones area very cheap?

There is no doubt that all iPhone are of high quality, so if you need a quality phone – iPhone will offer you that.

On the other hand, the competitive android devices are manufacturer quality based. Some Android manufacturers like; Huawei, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Vivo, among others – have proved to be equate the quality of the Apple’s iPhone.

Phone quality depends on manufacturer and not the operating system.

2. User Interface (UI)

The User Interface is the graphical and touch-sensitive display on a mobile device. It deals with how the phone user is able to interact with the device features, content and functions.

Speaking on phone User Interface the android is better than the iPhone. The open source nature of android has created doors for further development and customization of the whole android system. The android has proved to be more user friendly than the iPhone.

The UI on the iPhone is also amazing, with lots of security features but not as dynamic as that of Android.

3. iPhone are of High Performance

This fact can not be disputed because of the hardware grade and robust nature of the iOS.

On the other hand, the Android devices make provisions for different level of hardware. Although there are available Android devices which hardware quality either equate that of iPhone or even surpass it. So let’s clear the doubt here. The main fact here is that iPhone don’t manufacture substandard products.

4. iPhone Battery Last Longer

This is very correct but there are lots of android devices with even a much more longer lasting battery. Hope you remember that the android market is a competitive one with lots of mobile phone manufacturers. You can find lots Android phone built with battery above 5,000 mAh.

5. iPhone Operating System Is Better

I totally won’t agree with this. Each of them have their own unique features. Whichever you will choose will depend on what you really want.

There is this related argument that iPhone devices can easily upgrade their operating system than the androids. Looking at it from this angle it is very correct because Apple takes very good care of their old hardware compatibility unlike most android.

6. Device Integration

One thing I love Apple devices for is that they made it very much easy to integrate between all Apple devices. Apple are the makers of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and the Apple Watch. Integration among these devices is very easy.

But in the case of Android it is a bit more complicated as their are many manufactures, although Google apps are making much efforts to enhance integration on different platforms.

7. Security

The security on the iPhone and other Apple devices are much more stronger than that of Google’s Android. Apple make use of several technologies with strong firewalls which makes it very difficult for “blackhats” to penetrate.

But as for Android OS being an open source may cause some loopholes. If you are an Android user it is very adviceable you keep your OS updated. This can be done from your phone settings. Your android device may also notify you once an update is available. Though you will require strong internet and much data to run any upgrade.


The major difference between iPhone and Android, and which you should choose depends on you and what you really want. I have tried to touch all aspect and cleared all the necessary doubts. If there something else you will like to know please make use of the comment box below this page.

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