Difference between Fetch or Fetch and Render – Fetch as Google

This article will break down the Difference between Fetch or Fetch and Render in the Google Console.

“Fetch” and “Fetch and Render” are both features of “Fetch as Google” in the Google Search Console which among other functions can also be used to facilitate quick webpage indexing.

After inserting the webpage URL we want to index, Google gave us two option to send the URL. We can either send the webpage URL using either “FETCH” or “FETCH AND RENDER”.

See image below:

fetch as google

Now the big question is “which of the option is preferable and why” ?

There must be a reason why Google gave us the two option to choose from. On this post we will look at the Difference between Fetch or Fetch and Render in the Google Webmaster, to enable us make the best choice in each case.


The “Fetch” Fetches only a specified URL on your website and as well displays the HTTP response. This operation does not request or run any associated resources such as scripts or/and images on the page. This operation is very fast which can be use to debug or check suspected network security issues or connectivity with your site, and see the failure or success of the request.

Fetch and Render

This option also Fetches only a specified URL on your website and displays the HTTP response. In addition, it renders the page – which URL is provided according to a specified platform either desktop or smartphone. This Fetch and Render operation requests and runs all resources on the webpage such as scripts and images. You can use this operation to visualize the differences between how your users sees your webpage and how Googlebot sees it.

Types of Status in Fetch as Google

  • Complete: This means that Google has successfully contacted your website and crawled the requested webpage, and can access all the resources referenced by the page.
  • Partial: Here Google got a response from your website and fetched the requested URL, but was unable reach all resources referenced by the webpage because they may had been blocked by robots.txt files.
  • Redirected: If your Fetch as Google status displayed Redirected, it means that the server responded with a redirect. The Fetch as Google was not designed to follow redirects. Redirects here can only be done manually, which can be achieve by supplying the link. This is unlike the main Google crawler which follows redirects automatically.
  • Temporarily unreachable: This means that your site was unreachable as at the point of fetching. This status is mainly by down server or server error at that point in time. Although, you can still re-fetch your page URL again and again until is becomes reachable.


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