How To Activate & Deactivate Call Barring, Call Forwarding & Call Waiting

This article listed all USSD codes to activate and deactivate Call Barring, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting, and other related codes.

Most mobile phone today come with options that are so confusing to enable and disable call waiting, call forwarding, call barring and conference call options.

The use of simple USSD Codes is much more faster and friendly to activate or deactivate call waiting, call forwarding and call barring.

Call Waiting USSD Codes

Call waiting is a telecommunication service whereby someone making a phone call will be notified of an incoming call on the same line they are already using and they are able to place the first call on hold while they answer the incoming calls. They can also choose to ignore the incoming call, or even make a conference call.

  • To check you call waiting status simply dial *#43#
  • To activate call waiting activation dial *43#
  • To deactivate call waiting dial #43#
  • To disconnect waiting call during an active call, simply dial *
  • If you want to pick a waiting call without disrupting the existing call, dial 1
  • If you want to put current call on hold and pick the incoming call, dial 2

Call Barring USSD Codes

Call Barring is also called call blocking, call screening, or call rejection. It is a service that allows mobile users to block incoming calls from specific phone numbers. Although this service may require an additional payment to the subscriber’s phone network or a third-party.

  • The default password code call barring or call forwarding is 0000
  • To Change Call barring password **03*330* Old Password * New Password * New Password # then and Send. For example, to change your call barring Password from code 0000 to 2580 Dial **03*330*0000*2580*2580#
  • To enable Call Barring option on outgoing calls dial *33* Password #
  • To deactivate call barring feature on outgoing calls dial #33* Password #
  • To bar incoming calls dial *35* Password #
  • To deactivate call barring on incoming calls dial #35* Password #
  • To bar all outgoing international call only dial *331* Password #
  • To deactivate call barring feature on outgoing international calls dial #331* Password #

Call forwarding USSD Codes

Call forwarding is a phone service that enables users to forward or redirect incoming calls to another number, which can either be a cellular number or a land line. There is also an option to divert incoming calls to voice mails.

  • To Forward Calls when number is unreachable dial **62* Receiving number # # #62#
  • To activate call Forwarding when line is busy dial **67* phone number # # #67#
  • To forward calls when there is no reply dial ** 61 * phone number # # #61#
  • To Activate Call Forwarding options on all Calls dial **21* phone number # # #21#
  • To cancel all active call forwarding on you line dial # # 002#
  • To Check Call Forwarding Status when number is not available dial *# 62#
  • To Check your call Forwarding Status when there is no reply dial *# 61#
  • To Check Call Forwarding Status when phone is busy dial *# 67#
  • Code To Check status of Call Forwarding after having all calls forwarded dial *# 21#


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