Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheat December 2018

This article provides the latest Airtel cheats and code for free, to enable start your unlimited free browsing day and night.

We know Airtel to be among the strongest Telecom provider in Nigeria. There call tariff and internet charges are fair enough when compared with some other networks.

On our previous post which we titled List of all Airtel Data Plan after reading that article you will notice that Airtel data plans is actually affordable.

We know the situation of the economy, not everyone can really afford the so called Airtel cheap data bundles.

Those who can afford it can go for it, but those who can’t need to access the internet, ant that is where this post has a role to play.

This issue made some people to start looking for loopholes within the Airtel network through which they will be able to browse the internet either for free or at a very reduces price. Over the years, so many loopholes has existed within several telecommunications networks in Nigeria.

The most interesting among all is when some is actually browsing the internet unlimited and totally free of charge.

The current cheat available is really no unlimited but it worth giving a trial, it is actually a free data bonus from Airtel. With the codes – you can get 1MB, 50MB, 100MB or 200MB for free with your registered Airtel SIM card.

Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheat

To do this is very easy, simply dial any of the codes below, only one of them will work for you.

1. For 1MB free Airtel data

Dial *141*13*1#

2. For 50MB free Airtel data

Dial *141*13*50#

3. For 100MB Airtel free data

Dial *141*13*100#

4. For 200MB Airtel free data

Dial *141*13*200#

Please note that all the code will not work for you. You are eligible to only one of them depending on you recharging strength. Try each of them to see which works.

Some people still don’t believe that such thing called cheat on telecom networks actually exist. It’s good that they don’t believe because when it is being used by so many people it will be discovered and blocked immediately.

How to check Airtel Free Data Balance

This is easy to check with USSD code. On your same Airtel SIM card dial *140# or *223#

Either or both of the USSD code will definitely work for all Airtel SIM.

You may want to bookmark this page, because whenever the information here stops working, we will updated it with the latest cheat as soon as possible.

This article is only for informational purposes use at your own risk.



  1. Frank says

    It’s writing ussd not recognized

  2. tamas evah says

    This code is not recognized by airtel

  3. David says

    The code is not working on my phone

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