10 Cheats on How Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Twitter

The issue most people have about blogging is not about creating a blog, but creating awareness and driving traffic to their blog. Traffic is the most essential thing about blogging. If you don’t have traffic on your blog it simply means that no one is reading your blog post. If no one reads your blog post then there is no need of putting it online.

Reading this means you need information on how you can drive traffic to your blog with the power of Twitter.

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Promoting your blog with Twitter don’t cost anything, all that is required is you time and approach. Most twitter active users still can’t make use of Twitter effectively to promote their business or blog.

On this tutorial – I will give some information which I call “cheat” it will generate unlimited amount of traffic to your blog in few days. To apply my cheats you must be pro-active and creative.

10 cheats to drive traffic to your blog with Twitter.

1. Make Use Short but Provocative Tweets

When tweeting a link to your blog post be creative and try making those short tweets that invoke interest in your blog article. Make your short tweets to be less than 100 characters it will get a better interaction rate.
When tweeting about an article in your blog, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the title of the blog post, you can change it to anything that can attract attention.

2. Include an Intriguing Quote from Your Blog Post

Give your Twitter followers a good taste of your blog post, you can do this by including an intriguing quote from your article. This they will like to understand and will end up being redirected to your blog.
Quotes do really well on Twitter, it can boost you tweet up to 50% or more likely to get re-tweeted too.

3. Include Statistics

If you have an interesting statistical information in your blog, you can tweet about it. To add impact, make use numbers and characters – not just letters. Numbers and characters will make your tweet standout in your followers timelines.

4. Use #Hashtags Whale necessary

The use of hashtags is a great way to spread your tweets to various topics. If you don’t know what a hashtag is – it’s a word or two behind a # that makes a common discussion subject.

There are some methods to use hashtags when you tweeting to drive traffic to your blog.

Here are two examples.

Use theme specific hashtags – if you want to promote a particular blog, a landing page, a contest or an eBook, you can simple create your own hashtag for it.

Use general post related hashtags – includes hashtags with the topic relating to your blog post. This will make your tweets be seen by other Twitter users searching for the topics you have written about.

5. Use @mentions

A mention refers to how you include Twitter users “@usernames“. It is a way you can easily send a tweet directly to followers, or anyone on Twitter.

If some fellow comments on a post on your blog or a company did – for instance, simply mention them in a tweet that links back to your blog post. This may get your tweet re-tweeted to their followers too. Make sure you mention especially those people who have made positive comments on your blog post. It is also a way to appreciate your blog readers.

6. Re-tweet Mentioned Blog Content

If your blog post is mentioned on Twitter, make sure you re-tweet the tweet. By so doing the tweet will spread more in a geometric form and make it go viral.

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7. Ask for a Re-tweet

Always ask for re-tweet for every tweet you make relating a post on your blog in Twitter. This will multiply you tweet views, as the followers of your followers who re-tweeted will be able to see to tweet.
If you need much traffic to your blog, always ask for a re-tweet whenever you tweet a link back to your blog post.

8. Use Visually Appealing Images

Attach an amazing image in your blog post tweet. While you do so make sure that it relates to your post. Then try to find an image that will intrigue your followers, and make them to click on your blog post.
You may as well include a visual Call-to-Action, such as an image that includes the words like “click to read more…

9. Ask a Question Related to Your Topic

Asking a question in your tweet can really generate lots of engagement. If it can generates enough connection, curiosity or facts – your followers will make more clicks to your blog or they may even re-tweet to get answer from their followers. This had been very effective for most people, try it out today.

10. Promote Only Your Best Tweets on Tweeter

This might cost you some money, but promoting your Tweets on good posts in your blog will really drive a huge traffic to your blog. When promoting any tweet – make sure the tweet is very interesting – this will trigger people to click, use of Visual Image, Question or Quote on the tweet you are promoting will even generate even more clicks.
The good thing about promoting tweets is that: the tweet will show up on the feeds of not only just your follower – but some other users you don’t know about.

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